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Collections Policy

We appreciate the business of our valued customers and recognize that from time to time payment may be delayed due to extenuating circumstances. We will make every endeavor to work with our customers in these circumstances to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

For accounts where the above does not apply we will:

  • Deliver your merchandise to you in a timely manner.
  • Respond to requests for refunds and process the same where we are not at fault.
  • Remind you by email that payment is due including updating you on your open account balance monthly.
  • Provide service to process your payment in a timely manner.
  • At our discretion we will write-off your account to bad debt, this will suspend your account with us and you will no longer be able to make an order. This does not mean your debt has disappeared!
  • We do not engage third party collection agencies, we simply ask for payment and then go direct to Small Claims Court.

For accounts that are overdue more than six months:

  • We will prepare our file for processing a Small Claims Court claim in Tarrant County, Texas where the contract to ship your merchandise was performed.
  • Once the file is prepared we will contact you to give you an opportunity to make payment. If no payment is received we will file the claim with Tarrant County Courthouse. They will then issue a citation which will be served on you at your place of business. If you do not have a valid Sales Tax Certificate  / Legal Entity we will serve you at you home address. If you play games and avoid the processor, or claim you are not the defendant we will post the citation on the front door of your business premises.
  • Once you have been served, you have fourteen (14) days to file an answer which is your response to this lawsuit. You will be required to send us a copy of your answer. If a response is not filed within fourteen (14) days we will seek a default judgement against you.
  • If a response is received, Tarrant County Courthouse will set a date for a pre-trial hearing, or we will go direct to a trial where you will need to appear in person or get representation.

When we get a judgment against you, we we will then pursue enforcement. At our discretion we will then either:

  • Seek a Writ of Execution which will seize your property (likely at your business premises) and sell it to satisfy the judgement. Typically these sales result in pennies on the dollar after recovered fees which are funded from the sale. That doesn't mean we get pennies on the dollar, we are whole - your seized assets get pennies on the dollar.
  • Seek a Writ of Garnishment to take money from your bank account, or
  • Leave you with a money judgment on your credit file.

A Money Judgment in Texas is valid for ten (10) years and will stay on your credit report for ten (10) years - not seven. This will be reported on your commercial credit report and will likely influence your ability to obtain credit and make purchases for your business.

In Texas, the cost of collections and litigation may be recovered as part of the judgment. It is in our Credit Policy that late fees accrue at 1.5% of interest per month (applied after the payment due date) which is an annualized interest rate of 19.56%.