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Jonathan Parry

Jonathan Parry bought Dubal Bros from The Dubal's in 2020 - a business that had operated in the men's accessories sector for thirty years.

Jonathan is from London, England and graduated in 1997 with an MEng from Christ Church in Engineering, Economics and Management; and an MBA from Rice University in 2008 where he was a Jones scholar. He worked in Holland and then New Orleans for Shell International developing, and then implementing new technology for deep-water.

In 2004 he moved to Houston where he took other engineering, consulting and corporate roles. He has expertise in operations, engineering, procurement, market analysis and strategy; and has worked on most of the largest western global oil and gas projects - present and future. Experienced at corporate consulting, he has presented his insights on global natural gas markets to corporate teams across the world. Jonathan now enjoys building something new at Classy Cufflinks.

BizTV interview with Jonathan Parry discussing Classy Cufflinks: